Our Philosophy

It’s simple, you should not have to risk losing your hard earned money to get a fair return on an investment.

Mission Statement
To create a solid financial foundation for as many families and individuals as possible using simple, no or low risk financial strategies.

Who we are, What we do, How we do it
o Wealthonomics is money management philosophy that virtually eliminates the confusion & stress from financial planning.
o We use simple & safe financial products designed to create, grow, and protect wealth.
o We educate and coach clients on the 10 principals of Wealthonomics which provide the guide to control their financial future.

10 Principals of the Wealthonomics Financial Philosophy
1) Protect what you have now and what you expect to receive in the future.
2) Savings should never be at risk to earn great returns; losing money is not an option!
3) Tax free growth and withdrawal of your savings is the rule.
4) The best financial plan should be simple and easy to understand and manage.
5) Safe investments are the only investments that should be considered until a certain financial level has been achieved and even then, proceed with extreme caution.
6) The stock market is for highly trained professionals only and they don’t get it right most of the time.
7) Brokers, bankers, and credit cards are sucking the financial life out of you.
8) Interest you pay is bad, interest you earn is great!
9) Self finance all your major purchases and put your savings on steroids.
10) Debt is a ball and chain, cash savings is true freedom!